The Gaming exhibition is formed of islands. Each island has own curator/island manager.  There is one exhibition managing curator.

The exhibition is ready to be travelled and exhibited.

Concept of the project

Gaming exhibition open to +18 (adult gaming)

An interactive exhibition on the subject of video games in a contemporary private museum – a unique approach in the cultural entertainment field in Romania

A network of insular areas, with different approaches and subjects


Co-producer: PostModernism Museum (PMM) – art & innovation centre, independent private museum in Romania

Co-producer: Scientifica  is a collaboration between thinkers, visionaries and makers, working to promote and sustain the public engagement with science and to stimulate the collaboration between science and other fields of culture


Autmn 2016 Bucharest


Bucharest 2916 – 800 m2, Bucharest, PostModernism Museum location

Exhibition architecture

The exhibition can be constructed in islands, with a unitary vision.


Island 1 – exhibiting elements

Steps of creating a game: from the drawings of the artists to the actual final game, playing on different platforms

All-media exhibits: drawings, computer generating characters, computer / tablet / smartphone games to be played locally.

Different areas for different games: strategy game,  war game etc.

Island 2 – Infographics

research facts: from how many Romanian developers to how many gamers

Island 3 – exhibiting elements

Objectification: 3D art objects and fashion design, multimedia installations, digital art, alternative photography – ambrotypy, cyanotypy, cibachrome, stereography; post production manipulation

Island 4 – video / TV / display projections

Animation & Advertising

-advertising campaigns, activations & tools: Culture, Communities, Web, Social Media, Mobile, Digital Brand Experience & Interactive Campaigns

-a certain selection of animation films

-sitting area

Island 5 – Real time coding

– see how the characters & their experience is created by the developer

Certain day and hour

Island 6 – Emotion and Emotional intelligence

-Most encountered video games characters & correspondent emotions they bring to the surface in the gamer

-statistics of emotional behaviour of gamers

-Dopamine. Triggers in Human Sensation thorough gaming

Island 7

Games of the future: where reality of the game is changing based on the personal story of the player and current actions; with the help of big data predictions

Island 8

Selling point of games

Selling point of software and technology events


Collateral events (open list):

seminar on The role and value of games and simulations in education

seminar on Gaming industry as a creative industry

seminar on with physicist Albert-László Barabási – „lord of the links”

He introduced in 1999 the concept of scale-free networks and proposed the Barabási–Albert model to explain their widespread emergence in natural, technological and social systems, from the cellular telephone to the World Wide Web or online communities.

opening party with musical background from Video Games Live with real time videos 



Island curators: Miruna Amza, Andreea Pricop, Roxana Deduleasa (TBD)

Project manager:, 0730 040 514