We propose the partnership in this project by joining the ride on an extraordinary adventure: the first private museum for modern and contemporary art in Romania. All donations are to be directed to the Association PostModernism Museum in order to support its activity and its cultural programming.

There are several types of donations you can use: bank transfer,paypal, salary donation, cash, project-based donation, donations in-kind.

*Social involvement

You can support the education and holistic approach to the historical identity of the centuries 20 and 21 of Romania, within a larger context, through being part of an arts and culture project: a museum.

* Benefits
• name presence
• entrance wall
• official website of the museum
• special events
• regular visits
• free entrance for you and half the price your guests
• free copy of annual catalogue of the museum

Professional principles under which we work are transparency, accountability, confidentiality and long-term partnership.

PostModernism Museum is part of the first Association of Private Museums in the World and so far the only entity in Central and Eastern Europe.