De Dominicis (1947–1998)

artist: De Dominicis (1947–1998)


Education is at the core of PostModernism Museum activities. It is an open platform for different audiences to get access to the cultural, historical and artistic environment in Romania and abroad, from 1900 till today.

To keep up with the present learning and knowledge based society, PostModernism Museum wants to become a teaching place and a learning place and to use culture as a means and drive for education.

Activities planned:

> Guided Tours
> Collection Tours
> Collection Lectures
> Saturday Talks
> Understanding the Museum Teachers’ Preview
> Art Nights
> Career Talks, life long  learning
Cultural Entertainment is the new approach of understanding art & culture in the present times. Culture is welcoming, interactive and inclusive. Culture is an enriching part of the real life.

An exhibit is an experience. Visitors do not receive it passively. They do not sit quietly and let it wash over them. Rather, they experience the exhibit with their full bodies, with all of their senses, sharing and exploring and moving through the space. And the information the exhibit contains— the education—comes to them through all of those channels.

The information is not just presented, but embedded. The space itself and its physical contents are meaningful. The choice of objects, their juxtapositions, the angle of display, their ordering, the built environment, the colour of the walls, the use of light—every facet of the environment contains meaning, which visitors access through their experience.” (Eugene Dillenburg, Michigan State University)