There is hardly anything of this kind in Romania, as a collectors’ museum.

As there is almost no thoughtful and strategic initiative to look for and grow the private collections in the country, PMM proposes the partnership with collectors of Romanian and foreign contemporary art in order to exhibit private collections to the general public, in a unique display of cultural entertainment towards education and personal development.

Join the ride on an extraordinary adventure: the first private museum for modern and contemporary art in Romania.

The Association PostModernism Museum gladly offers and extends the following benefits, for corporate sponsors, private collectors and donors. The association PostModernism Museum can offer you extended services you may need.

*Financial benefits
Your wonderful collection is to be exposed as part of the permanent exhibition in the Museum and exchanged with other museums of the world exhibitions, within certain collateral projects. There will be printed materials and curatorial text harmoniously joining the art works you own. The Museum provides special storage and security at all times. The collection is to be viewed by at least 70.000 visitors per year in the first year.
This exposure will bring a performance in price between 10% and 20% per year.
If you have a company you want to involve: according to the Romanian sponsorship law (law  no.32/1994, modified law no. 394/2006), costs up to 20% of the entire profit  tax and under up to 3 ‰ of turnover are deductible – it can be directed to cultural projects without any extra cost to the company.

*Communication benefits
• name presence
• entrance wall
• all printed catalogue (exhibition catalogues, curatorial projects books)
• presentation materials (national and international)
• press releases (national and international)
• official website of the museum
• press kits (national and international)
• launches
• special events
• regular visits
• special guided tours for your own guests
Of course there is the possibility of remaining anonymous; there can be total discretion in the matter.

• CCTV surveilance 24/7
• alarm system 24/7
• specialized security company contracted

Professional principles under which we work are transparency, accountability, confidentiality and long-term partnership.

PostModernism Museum is part of the first Association of Private Museums in the World and so far the only entity in Central and Eastern Europe.