Eroticism in Romanian Modern & Contemporary Art, illustrated with over 1.000 artworks from over 300 Romanian artists starting with Gheorghe Tattarescu, Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Camil Ressu, covering the twenty century to contemporary days.

It is only in Romanian (for now :) ), but we plan to have a resume in English and further on a full English version.

Erotismul în arta românească modernă și contemporană by Cosmin Nasui

Available in two formats:

32 euro
Book format: Color Trade
Color printing on white paper with a full-color cover
6×9 inch, 15×23 cm
230 pages

14 euro
Black and White Trade

Black and white printing on cream-colored paper with a full-color cover
6×9 in 15×23 cm
230 pages

ISBN 978-606-93751-0-5

Published with PostModernism Museum Publishing House and Blurb2013

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