PostModernism Museum




PostModernism Museum is a private museum platform, a resource and education centre and a research publishing house. PMM produces and presents its projects and programmes in spaces around the world.

The first 3 years it operated within an own space, in Bucharest, being opened daily, with free entrance. From 2018 onwards it takes up a new model, opening to the public within different cultural spaces in Romania, institutional and private partners. The present model sustainably concentrates the curatorial, exhibitional and educational activities, tunning with the specific dynamics of the local creative environment and with the local cultural agenda.

PostModernism Museum lends its exhibitions to various locations in Romania and worldwide, through the international prestigious network

With curated art projects and a pool of various approaches of exhibiting modern and contemporary culture, PostModernism Museum is dedicated to the open conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental, being devoted to the culture of the 20 and 21 century.

Cultural consumers are able to experience special exhibitions of modern and contemporary culture, lectures by historians, anthropologists and critics, film screenings, workshops, tours led by experienced curators. Projects of architecture, science, design and technology will complete the cultural programming of the museum.

The exhibition programme consists of group and solo exhibitions featuring modern and contemporary artists, national and international, and there is an equal dedication to ensure that these exhibitions are accompanied by a challenging discursive programme that is to strive to open a dialogue not only with the visual arts, but with a variety of disciplines such as theatre, economics, sociology, philosophy, creative industries.

Through its close cooperation and collaboration with artists, researchers and other cultural actors, PostModernism Museum aims to be an active participant in the international discourse on contemporary art, related fields and creative sector in general and to highlight current issues that are of concern to not only the arts, but also to society at large.

PostModernism Museum is an organisation in the service of present society and of its development, and open to the public, which researches, communicates and exhibits, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment.




Collectors Museum

As there is almost no thoughtful and strategic initiative to look for and grow the private collections in the country, PMM proposes the partnership with collectors of Romanian and foreign contemporary art in order to exhibit private collections to the general public, in a unique display of cultural entertainment towards education and personal development.

PostModernism Museum is member of the first Global Private Museum Network in the World and the only entity in Central and Eastern Europe. This membership offers unique opportunities to exhibit, for the first time in Romania and in the region, private collections from around the world, from Middle East to Far East and the Americas.


Enhanced visitors experience 

PostModernism Museum’s exhibitional projects want and pursuit to address contemporary culture and new technologies. With evolution of intelligent devices, sensors and ambient intelligent systems, projects can begin exploring the design of intelligent artistic artefacts. Ambient intelligence supports the vision that technology becomes embedded in our natural surroundings, adaptive to users and context, bringing art and culture to different people, offering artists creative tools to extend the grammar of the traditional arts.

Technology is aimed to be used within the curatorial approaches in order to enhance experience of the visitors and make them interact better and smarter with the content of the exhibited projects.

Research, Publish, Train

All projects presented within PostModernism Museum are not merely objects exhibited but thoroughly documented initiatives. They all aim to mean more than an exhibition and to last more than two months. Collaborating with international curators and cultural entities, publishing papers, studies, books – all activities aim towards a sustainable consistent aproach of research in culture and creativity.

PostModernism operates a publishing house and disseminates its publications to Emag Romania, Amazon and other 39.000 online distribuitors around the world.

PMM joins and supports the professional training in creative industries in Romania, through the programme Formare Culturala. More, here




Strategic guidelines (after UNESCO guidelines)

  • culture as source of knowledge, meanings, values and identity
  • the role of culture for sustainable development
  • artistic creativity in all its forms, while respecting freedom of expression
  • sustainable financial,  institutional, social results
  • multiplier effect, inspiring the implementation of other measures, activities and projects
  • the backing up of national mechanisms, structures and facilities whose purpose is to support cultural activities and artistic creators
  • international and regional cultural cooperation; the organization of exchanges to foster international cooperation

Cultural entertainment & education

Cultural entertainment is the new approach of understanding art & culture in the present times. Culture is welcoming, interactive and inclusive. Culture is an enriching part of the real life.

An exhibit is an experience. Visitors do not receive it passively. They do not sit quietly and let it wash over them. Rather, they experience the exhibit with their full bodies, with all of their senses, sharing and exploring and moving through the space. And the information the exhibit contains— the education—comes to them through all of those channels.” (italic quote: Eugene Dillenburg, Michigan State University)

Education is at the core of PostModernism Museum activities. It is an open platform for different audiences to get access to the cultural, historical and artistic environment in Romania and abroad, from 1900 till today. In a cultural entertainment approach, of course.

PostModernism Prize would recognize outstanding work by a creative in the field of visual arts, which includes but is not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, installation, photo, video, new media. There will be a yearly award.

PostModernism Museum is to open residency opportunities by inviting artists, curators, creatives for a time away from their usual environment and obligations. This residence would provide a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. Guidelines and frequency are to be established.

Audience development

We are aware that ”the pace of change with digital technology is having a profound impact on the arts, as well as the behaviour and expectations of audiences. The public is more educated than ever before, with more leisure time, creating a great opportunity for the cultural sector. However, there is also greater competition for how time and money are spent. People are increasingly demanding and critical. The youth get bored very quickly. Against this backdrop the arts need to be increasingly relevant to people’s expectations. The cultural institution must accept the reality that it is no longer the solo gate-keeper to people’s tastes.” Our cultural programming is to be rich in meaning, smart, challenging and open. (italics quote

The museum and its programmes will enable its audiences to experience:

  • Discovery of information in their own way and at their own pace
  • Enriching oneself
  • Learning about the Romanian artists in 20 & 21 century
  • Discover modern and contemporary art & culture from around the world, through invited exhibitions

Social Responsibility principles

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Social economy approach

Youth engagement approach

Careful service towards our audiences


Professional principles under which we work are transparency, accountability, confidentiality and long-term partnership.


The executive team is best possible dynamic and energetic team ever, passionate about cultural entertainment. We value the diversity of our organisation and welcome staff from all sections of the community. The team working for PostModernism Museum is formed out of professionals in the field, each of it having extensive experience (between 8 and 20 years of experience in history of arts, curatorship, cultural management, administration).

Out partners are cultural operators with broad work knowledge and skills, in the Romanian context and European and international contexts.