The Association

PostModernism Museum Association (PMMA) based in Bucharest, Romania, produces and promotes contemporary culture projects and develops cultural and visual arts research programmes. It is also a provider of consultancy services in cultural management and cultural stategies and policies.

Strategic guidelines

  • culture as source of knowledge, meanings, values and identity
  • the role of culture for sustainable development
  • artistic creativity in all its forms, while respecting freedom of expression
  • sustainable financial,  institutional, social results
  • multiplier effect, inspiring the implementation of other measures, activities and projects
  • the backing up of national mechanisms, structures and facilities whose purpose is to support cultural activities and artistic creators
  • international and regional cultural cooperation; the organization of exchanges to foster international cooperation

(after UNESCO guidelines)

Professional principles under which the Association works are transparency, accountability, confidentiality and long-term partnership.

The Association, as a producer and promoter of contemporary culture, creates programmes and projects of art history, anthropology, art and culture and travels them through and to different institutional partners.

It also leads the development of PostModernism Museum, a private museum platform, a resource and education centre and a research publishing house.

The first 3 years (from 2014) it was opened daily, free. The present model sustainably concentrates the curatorial, exhibitional and educational activities in two annual seasons, spring and autumn, tunning with the specific dynamics of the local creative environment and with Bucharest cultural agenda. PostModernism Museum is member of the first Association of Private Museums in the World and the only entity in Central and Eastern Europe. Please see details here.

The Association, as a provider of consultancy services in cultural management and policies, prepared and delivered the first Cultural and Creative Strategy of Bucharest (2015-2025), a project initiated by Arcub – the Bucharest Centre for Cultural Projects in 2014. Please see details here.

Members of the Association coordinated, during 2018-2019, a cultural policy proposal concerning the status of the artist in Romania.

It also unfolds trainings and consultancy sessions to cultural industries individuals in Romania through its platform Formare Culturală.