In Romania, a museum is not thought as a sustainable initiative, it is usually a public institution, funded by public money. Other cultural projects are usually not thought to be sustainable but non-profit (they are organised and funded through NGO-es, on a project-based cycle model). Cultural and creative industries in Romania are at their very beginning, without the clear understanding that creative initiatives are the very present and the future providers of economic growth. Cultural products, cultural entertainment are concepts still, only talked over and debated. They are not seen as real and powerful economic cycles, naturally integrated within economy as a whole.

Most creative startups embarking on an entirely new business and develpment model in a new place (market) face the challenge of making that market. Talks of product-market fit go out of the window not because the product isn’t good enough, but because the market isn’t ready for it, no matter how good the product be. Early to the game often requires one to create a game before they can start playing. (italics quote

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