The aim of the project is to create an online Archive called the Rock Museum of Romania, an initiative of Doru Ionescu and the private museum platform PostModernism Museum, which contains inventoried collections, digitally archived, of objects belonging to musicians and the cultural environment around them (scores, letters, setlists, unpublished photos), musical instruments, clothing used in concerts and events, vinyls.

Curators: Doru Ionescu, Cosmin Nasui
Historians and researchers: Cristina Anisescu, Anda Avrămuț, Florin Dumitrescu, Cristian Vasile
Project manager: Oana Nasui
Filming: Doru Ionescu, Cristi Farcaș
Graphics, editing, editing and video post-production: Cristi Farcaș
Sound: Doru Ionescu, Cristi Farcaș


In the absence of an institutionalized space in which to find its reflection the (Romanian) rock-folk-jazz phenomenon, we propose an interactive online digital archive, flexible and accessible, from any device and from anywhere. The support platform for the museum archive will be intelligent, responsive and friendly; Bilingual.

The idea is the classic one – a journey through time, among artifacts and screenings of documentaries, doubled by archive images from auditions, concerts, launches. Not only is the theme unique, but also the multimedia approach of the platform that hosts the museum archive, through several “tunnel” modules that will provide video, photo and audio information.

Curator of a first IRIS exhibition – 35 years old (still visible today in the cafe on the ground floor of Club A), Doru Ionescu has taken partners and important figures and associations over time in this phenomenon. Cosmin Nasui will contribute to the compilation of unitary inventory and description sheets and will contextualize with research information for each object or categories of objects. Cristian Vasile will identify PCR / UTC documents regarding the official perception related to the young generation’s inclination towards rock, pop, etc.

This Virtual Archive (identification, collection and illustration of various exhibits of museum value) is the basis for subsequent thematic conferences, exhibitions, research and publications, open to cooperation and partnerships.

Focuses of the Museum Archive

-Cornel Chiriac (mostly being recoveries from his nephew Cornel Chiriac jr: the picup on which he supported the auditions at CCS Preoteasa, hand-made magazines and jazz paintings, the manuscript with the translation after Jesus Christ Superstar, records and letters recovered from Radio Free Europe, the first postcard sent from Vienna after the flight from Romania, etc.)
– Old or famous instruments (M & C Musical Instruments and Electrecord provide guitars and synthesizers from the time of their invention, including instruments manufactured in Romania)
-Concerts / festivals (posters, press reports, photos and moving images from the CineStud Preoteasa – Emilian Urse, Mişu Cernea and Cineclubul A archive – Mirel Leventer archive, posters, trophies, a Red and Black concert shirt, a trophy, etc. )
-Vinyl Collection (Soft Records with records, cassettes, tape recorders, reissues of collection + book & CD diaspora)
-Unpublished Phoenix (independent filming – Nuțu Cărmăzan in the Cantafabule camp on Semenic, premiere videos, artifacts, the entirety of the volumes published over time)
Project presentations

Book – Mony Bordeianu – “The madman with closed eyes”
Book – Doru Ionescu – „The time of electric guitars. Cornel Chiriac and the drunk era ”
Phoenix concerts of the ’60s (first appearance with soloist Mony Bordeianu, returning from a complicated operation) and Mondial – 50 years

Plea for the Romanian Rock Museum Archive

The Romanian Rock Museum, an initiative of Doru Ionescu, with the support of the private museum platform PostModernism Museum, aims to document and archive the rock, folk, jazz phenomena in Romania.

In 2019, the action of setting up the collections started by identifying and compiling in digital format a comprehensive archive, filed in a unitary way, on an interactive online platform, in the desire to put together the recently museifiable heritage of these musical cultural phenomena. This Archive is the basis for subsequent thematic conferences, exhibitions, research and publications, open to cooperation and partnerships.

The Romanian Rock Museum archive has the privilege of having with it the founders, initiators, performers, musicians, songwriters, composers, instrumentalists, sound engineers, producers, concert and festival organizers, fan clubs, historians, music journalists who have actively contributed. in creating this heritage of the future.

Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Partners: CNSAS, Bucharest Student Culture House, Guerilla Radio, Association for Urban Development, 3D4all

Photo credits: Bucharest Students’ Culture House

Bibliography: Romanian Rock Museum, presented by Doru Ionescu