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The exhibition ”TOHOKU – Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers” is invited by PostModernism Museum to Bucharest, Romania,  between April 20 and June 12, 2015.


April 20 – April 27 – the Private Week (special tours, targeted groups) – appointment only (For special appointments, please write to info at

April 27 – June 11 – Monday to Friday, 12h-15h – please check availability at (+4) 0730 040 514; weekends by appointment

May 16 (Saturday) – White Night of the Museums & Romanian Design Week, 12h-20h (see workshop programme below)

May 3o (Saturday) – Children’s Day (see workshop programme below)

June 3 – private event

AddressSWAN Technology Park, Kingston Building, Șos. București Nord nr. 15-23, Pipera

The exhibition is co-organised with Japan Embassy in Romania and Japan Foundation.

The exhibition has been toured from Beijing, Sydney, Manila and New Delphi to Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Tallinn, Zagreb and Budapest. It is the first time it is hosted in Romania.

The Tohoku exhibition is curated by Kotaro Iizawa, who is recognized as the leading expert of photography critics in Japan. This exhibition is composed of the work of nine individual photographers and one photographers’ group.

By presenting the viewpoints of highly individualistic photographers who represent the past, present, and future, this exhibition aims to enhance understanding of culture, climate, and life in Tohoku to the people of the world.

Curator: Kotaro Iizawa(photo critic)

In cooperation with: The Photographic Society of Japan

Photographers: Teisuke Chiba (1917–65), Ichiro Kojima (1924 -64), Hideo Haga (1921-), Masatoshi Naito (1938-), Hiroshi Oshima (1944-), Naoya Hatakeyama (1958-), Meiki Lin(1969-), Masaru Tatsuki(1974-), Sendai Collection, Nao Tsuda (1976-)

Project partners: Japan Embassy in Romania, Japan Foundation, Japanese Department – University of Bucharest, Epson, Fujitsu, Bucureștiul meu Drag

Partners PostModernism Museum: Swan Technology Park,, Erka Synergy Communication



The exhibition in Romania  is part of the international event present in Romania and Bucharest – White Night of the Museums, on May 16, 2015.

The exhibition in Romania will host series of connex events, focusing on Japanese culture and life:

  • Projection of Video Kabuki Theatre „A Japanese Story” after an original piece of Monzaemon Chikamatsu

A production of Sibiu National Theatre ”Radu Stanca”, after an original piece of Chikamatsu Monzaemon

Stage adaptation: Yasuda Masahiro

Directed by: Yasuda Masahiro

Set Design: Alin Gavrilă

Costume designer: Roxana Ionescu

Assistant director: Junko Kurashina, Vicențiu Rahău

Cast: Ciprian Scurtea, Diana Fufezan, Florin Coșuleț, Dana Taloș, Raluca Iani, Adrian Neacșu, Viorel Rață, Tomohiko Kogi/Vlad Robaș,Veronica Arizancu, Arina Ioana Trif

“A Japanese Story”marks the debut of director Masahiro Yasuda on stage in Romania. The performance staged in Sibiu is an adaptation of the piece “Onna Goroshi Abura no Jigoku” (“Assassination of a woman oil inferno”) written in 1721 and played on stage especially bunraku and kabuki. This is the first installation in Europe of a theater piece that is based on a Japanese playwright, Chikamatsu Monzaemon.

Ongoing projection, within the exhibition space.

  • Dangale: Transylvanian cattle brands (signs) from the Saxon seats and districts, resembling Japanese ideograms

Exhibition of the book and the signs
This handmade book contains the Cattle brands of 165 villages and towns in Transylvania, Romania. The illustrations are inspired by a archive book from 1826, of Carl Franz Koch.
Unique handmade book, author – Lucian Muntean, 2012. Calligraphy, illustration, ink, watercolor, collage, 34 x 22 x 4 cm.
Binding and cover – Răzvan Supuran, Atelierul de carte @ MTR, 2012. Japanese binding – body book, Coptic binding – cover, letterpress, engraving leather cover material – leather blacksmith’s apron.
Saturday  May 16, 16.00  – White night of the museums, live presentation by the artist Lucian Muntean

carte dangale - lucian muntean 06

  • Workshops for adults and children

See all workshops and schedule here.